Evolutionary genomics & gene regulation.

Joshua Rest’s lab @ Ecology and Evolution @ Stony Brook University. We use computation, experiments, and natural history to study the evolution of biological systems.


The Unraveling of a Protist Genome Could Unlock the Mystery of Marine Viruses

Findings published in Current Biology set stage to better understand the �invisible� ocean ecosystem and its importance. Read the full press release.


Phylogenetic Gene Expression Meta-Analysis

Does the expression of vertebrate genes evolve under purifying selection? Resolving the regulatory innovation paradox.

Cell to Cell Expression Variation

Does the distribution of protein expression levels vary and evolve? Why?

Functional Genomics of Labyrinthulomycetes.

Developing tools to investigate genes involved in ecologically and evolutionarily interesting labyrinthulomycete traits, including carotenoid biosynthesis and the production of the ectoplasmic network.


Horizontal gene transfer and fusion spread carotenogenesis among diverse heterotrophic protists

Thraustochytrids (phylum: Labyrinthulomycota) are non-photosynthetic marine protists. Some thraustochytrids have crtIBY, a …

The protist Aurantiochytrium has universal subtelomeric rDNAs and is a host for mirusviruses

Summary Viruses are the most abundant biological entities in the world’s oceans, where they play important ecological and …

Rapid evolutionary changes in gene expression in response to climate fluctuations

Nicotine Stimulates Peristalsis in N. Vectensis: From Behavior to Nicotinic Receptor Genes