Evolutionary genomics & gene regulation.

Joshua Rest’s lab @ Ecology and Evolution @ Stony Brook University. We use computation, experiments, and natural history to study the evolution of biological systems.


Keffy Kehrli describes his thesis in three minutes.

Graduate student Keffy Kehrli has won 3rd place in SBU’s Three Minute Thesis Virtual Competition.

Nature Methods paper on Marine Protist Genetic Tools

We have been developing the tools and methodology for genetically transforming a single-celled marine fungus-like organism known as Aurantiochytrium limacinum ATCC MYA-1381.


Phylogenetic Gene Expression Meta-Analysis

Does the expression of vertebrate genes evolve under purifying selection? Resolving the regulatory innovation paradox.

Cell to Cell Expression Variation

Does the distribution of protein expression levels vary and evolve? Why?

Functional Genomics of Labyrinthulomycetes.

Developing tools to investigate genes involved in ecologically and evolutionarily interesting labyrinthulomycete traits, including carotenoid biosynthesis and the production of the ectoplasmic network.


Genetic tool development in marine protists: Emerging model organisms for experimental cell biology

What makes a kinase promiscuous for inhibitors?

Widespread ancient whole‐genome duplications in Malpighiales coincide with Eocene global climatic upheaval