Evolutionary genomics.

Joshua Rest’s lab @ Ecology and Evolution @ Stony Brook University. We use computation and experimentation to study pattern and process in evolutionary genomics.

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Wiring between close nodes in molecular networks evolves more quickly than between distant nodes

As species diverge, a wide range of evolutionary processes lead to changes in protein-protein interaction networks and metabolic …

Horizontal gene transfer and fusion spread carotenogenesis among diverse heterotrophic protists

Thraustochytrids (phylum: Labyrinthulomycota) are non-photosynthetic marine protists. Some thraustochytrids have crtIBY, a …

The protist Aurantiochytrium has universal subtelomeric rDNAs and is a host for mirusviruses

Summary Viruses are the most abundant biological entities in the world’s oceans, where they play important ecological and …

Nicotine Stimulates Peristalsis in N. Vectensis: From Behavior to Nicotinic Receptor Genes